I can't even begin to tell you guys how much fun this blog post has been! If I could, I would post 1000 of my favorite applications of a lacquered room, floor, piece of furniture etc. 

I am obsessed! 

I truly believe that lacquer is such an elegant look and makes a statement with any application. The slight reflection you get when the light hits it is absolutely stunning!

Design by  Palmer Weiss  as Featured in  House Beautiful

Design by Palmer Weiss as Featured in House Beautiful

Lacquering walls, or any piece at that, is not for the faint of heart. It takes someone who really knows what they are doing to make sure the walls or items are prepped properly, hiding all imperfections (Lacquer walls are like wearing a thin silk see every little bump and dimple and believe's not pretty!)

That being said, when you meet someone who has perfected this technique, hold onto them and never let go! 

Below are some of my all time lacquer rooms and pieces of furniture. Enjoy and I'd love to hear which is your favorite and why! 

Designed by  Lindsey Coral Harper
Photography by Splendid Habitat

Photography by Splendid Habitat

Fabulous Lacquer Door (and room!) Designed by  Suellen Gregory

Fabulous Lacquer Door (and room!) Designed by Suellen Gregory

Photography by Olson Photographic

Photography by Olson Photographic

Photo Horchow website

Photo Horchow website

Photography by Pieter Estersohn

Photography by Pieter Estersohn

From Decorating with Black by Kate Riley, Centsational Girl website

From Decorating with Black by Kate Riley, Centsational Girl website


 photo 52480222-eb01-4d10-b5e9-8d91a456ae51_zpsa24294ff.png

Seeing Double :: The Twin Bed Trend (and why I'm totally on board!)

When I first started out as an interior designer, there were a set of pre-conceived notions that I had in my head which were quickly squashed through experience out in the real world. Just as I believed you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day (all of that went out the window as soon as I moved to a coastal town), I thought that you were never to paint your ceiling anything other than the trim color and that twin beds were specifically for children. 

Boy was I wrong! First off, the ceiling color thing is just preposterous and now I even have the itch to paint the trim the same as the wall color. I love that look right now! But this blog post is about twin beds...not I am going to try and stay on track, and go into a little more detail about why this is my current obsession when it comes to guest bedroom design and functionality.

Let's take it back to the 1890's for a minute when interior designers made twin beds popular (way to get outside that box designers!) Anything that had to do with "the bedroom" back then...especially in mixed company, was very controversial. So when designers started suggesting that couples replaced their double beds with two twin beds, all hell broke loose!

However, thanks to a group of (obviously genius) physicians (kidding), who stated that the double bed was "unsanitary" (even going so far as to condemning them due to fear of couples injuring one-another while sleeping), the new twin bed idea became a hot trend! 

Fast forward a bit to 1930s-1950s Hollywood, where there was a Production Code requiring married couples to sleep in separate beds to uphold that time period's moral code! The only way to get around this was the good old "one foot on the floor" loophole where both stars had to be dressed and at least one of them had to have a foot grounded on the floor at all time. My how times have changed! 

So now that I have filled your brain with pointless fun facts, I want to talk about why I think every household needs a set of twin beds. 

1. Because you never know who is going to stay at your house and who really wants to sleep together

Okay maybe you do, but recently, I had a couple who sleeps better apart because of lots of movement, snoring etc. I also love to have friends over for girls night in. Sometimes, if the vino is flowing, my friends will stay over. No matter how much you know a friend, it's just less awkward to sleep in separate beds.

2. They are great for kids

We have nieces and nephews visit from out of town, friends with their kids and one hopefully one day will have kids of our own. I love already knowing that they will be set up when they visit (and when our kids live here). Just make sure the beds are sturdy enough for some good old fashioned jumping because that's very important! 

3. They look great! 

I love the look of a room with a two twin beds! I love being able to have a pretty chest or desk in between the bed and love all of the wonderful design ideas that flood my brain when two twin beds adorn a room! 

So all that being said...will we ever go from a King bed to two twins in our Master Bedroom? Tempting...But no way...

The dogs just wouldn't fit!