Seeing Double :: The Twin Bed Trend (and why I'm totally on board!)

When I first started out as an interior designer, there were a set of pre-conceived notions that I had in my head which were quickly squashed through experience out in the real world. Just as I believed you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day (all of that went out the window as soon as I moved to a coastal town), I thought that you were never to paint your ceiling anything other than the trim color and that twin beds were specifically for children. 

Boy was I wrong! First off, the ceiling color thing is just preposterous and now I even have the itch to paint the trim the same as the wall color. I love that look right now! But this blog post is about twin beds...not I am going to try and stay on track, and go into a little more detail about why this is my current obsession when it comes to guest bedroom design and functionality.

Let's take it back to the 1890's for a minute when interior designers made twin beds popular (way to get outside that box designers!) Anything that had to do with "the bedroom" back then...especially in mixed company, was very controversial. So when designers started suggesting that couples replaced their double beds with two twin beds, all hell broke loose!

However, thanks to a group of (obviously genius) physicians (kidding), who stated that the double bed was "unsanitary" (even going so far as to condemning them due to fear of couples injuring one-another while sleeping), the new twin bed idea became a hot trend! 

Fast forward a bit to 1930s-1950s Hollywood, where there was a Production Code requiring married couples to sleep in separate beds to uphold that time period's moral code! The only way to get around this was the good old "one foot on the floor" loophole where both stars had to be dressed and at least one of them had to have a foot grounded on the floor at all time. My how times have changed! 

So now that I have filled your brain with pointless fun facts, I want to talk about why I think every household needs a set of twin beds. 

1. Because you never know who is going to stay at your house and who really wants to sleep together

Okay maybe you do, but recently, I had a couple who sleeps better apart because of lots of movement, snoring etc. I also love to have friends over for girls night in. Sometimes, if the vino is flowing, my friends will stay over. No matter how much you know a friend, it's just less awkward to sleep in separate beds.

2. They are great for kids

We have nieces and nephews visit from out of town, friends with their kids and one hopefully one day will have kids of our own. I love already knowing that they will be set up when they visit (and when our kids live here). Just make sure the beds are sturdy enough for some good old fashioned jumping because that's very important! 

3. They look great! 

I love the look of a room with a two twin beds! I love being able to have a pretty chest or desk in between the bed and love all of the wonderful design ideas that flood my brain when two twin beds adorn a room! 

So all that being said...will we ever go from a King bed to two twins in our Master Bedroom? Tempting...But no way...

The dogs just wouldn't fit! 


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Friday Favorites :: New Year's Edition

2017 is officially here and what better way to kick off the new year than with a blog post of some of my favorite things that are helping me to start this year off with a bang!

New Years is all about new beginnings. We are finally coming down from the holidays and creating resolutions that we hopefully keep. And with that, possibly adding more to our daily calendars to live up to said resolutions. 

January is a slow (er)  month for me and a good time for me to reflect on the past year and gear up for the amazing projects on my schedule. I am always looking for things that are going to make each day a little easier and brighter, which is why I am bringing to you some of my favorite items that do just that! 

I think the top of my list goes to the fabulous Day Designer by Whitney English. Some days while I am filling everything out in my Day Designer, I think Whitney had me in mind. I love that there is enough room to add everything on my to-do list, list my top three that I don't let myself forget, and even schedule what's for dinner (because let's face it...after a long day, sometimes, you just don't think about it until you are staring at the empty fridge at 8pm - trying to manifest something to create and cook itself!). 

The Day Designer comes in lots of different patterns to fit your personal style. I think the blue one above is one of my favorites though! 


My next favorite thing goes to this adorable Fitbit Charge HR in rose gold + lavender. If you haven't jumped on the fitness tracking bandwagon, now is the time. I love being able to track my daily steps, and my trainer loves being able to see my heart rate while she's kicking my butt! It's a perfect way to keep yourself accountable and also create goals! And of course...any wearable needs to be cute and this one does not disappoint! 

Speaking of tracking - This Orbit Key Finder will save your life when you are running around crazy looking for your keys, phone, dog, kids...husband...whatever you seem to lose the most (hey! I'm not judging...)

The Orbit Key Finder is like the notorious Tile but even better...If you lose your keys, you can find them through the handy Orbit app. Cool feature and very helpful. But what about when you are running out the door with keys in hand and you forgot where you put your phone? Easy! Simply push your Orbit and it rings your phone! Life-SAVER! It also comes in a bunch of cute colors which is a win for me! 

I never thought I would say this, but there finally came a time right after Christmas where I got tired of watching the Hallmark Channel and couldn't smell another Frasier Fir candle. I feel horrible even saying this because those are two of my favorite things about the Season. I love burning a candle in my office and at night when I'm winding down, and I adore these Lollia Candles. They come in an array of scents that are just as lovely as the little ceramic boxes they are poured in! The scents are light, fresh, and a great way to start off the year.

So even though I hit my limit of Christmas movies and my favorite candle, I was so sad to take my tree down. It was so beautiful this year, and every evening was magic sitting by the tree. 

I am sure a lot of you felt the same way and on top of that, after taking down the tree, decorations, and garland, you felt that there were areas of your home that were just..meh. If you felt that way, then perhaps you just need a little green in the space to give it some life. I love these little Faux Olive Topiaries from Ballard Designs. They add just a touch of color in a space and would look great in a kitchen or on a console table in your entry or living space! 

Everything We Keep...Oh this BOOK! It's one of those books you aren't super thrilled to open just because you have never heard of the author, etc., but Kerry Lonsdale killed it! If you even THINK you have the ending figured out within the first few chapters you are so wrong! It's a story full of love, pain, mystery, and it has a great ending! Just make sure you block off an entire day for this one because you won't want to put it down. But hey....we all need a weekend to curl up and read a good book after the madness of the holidays so enjoy!



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