The Cozy Nook - Creating Your Very Own "Getaway Space"

Let's face it...Life can be hectic! If your not running crazy from A to B, then you are undoubtedly thinking of about it and all of the things that you have to do. If you are like me, I wake up in the middle of the night with a full committee meeting in my head working out things that need to be done and how to get them done. If I can't adjourn said meeting within a few minutes, then I grab my phone and start typing in my to do list so I don't forget by morning. 

Would I change a second of my life though? Absolutely not! I love the mayhem and I enjoy being a business owner, interior designer, wife and mom to my fur babies Miss Sophia and Lady Bella, blogger, ARB Board Member, Junior Leaguer, Charleston chapter President of Femfessionals and the occasional world traveler..Phew.  However, I have to find time throughout the day to "escape" if only for a while. 

Miss Sophia and Lady Bella sitting for a treat. (Photography by Patrick Brickman)

Miss Sophia and Lady Bella sitting for a treat. (Photography by Patrick Brickman)

Although I live in my car most days, I also spend a lot of time at home in my office or upstairs work room creating inspiration boards.  Working from home is fabulous.... However, it can also be hard as you never do seem to "clock out". Because of this, I find time throughout the day to "escape" if only for a few minutes at a time.  It gives me time to reset and when I walk back to my project, I see it in a whole different light! One of my favorite places to escape, besides the back corner of a closet where nobody can hear me scream (kidding!), is my keeping room banquette, which is in a cozy corner of the house, full of natural light and comfy pillows.  I usually prop up on there with my iPad and mindlessly pin on my Pinterest boards with a hot cup of tea or coffee. It's fabulous and "my thing" when I need a little break. 

Whether you work from home, or stay at home with the kids (that's also actually working from home!) or just need a space to call yours, I have some great ideas below to create your own cozy little nook! 


This is one of my favorite space adding techniques! Whether you are building a new home or renovating, that little area that so many people never give another thought to, can be so functional! I've seen everything from reading nooks, to desk areas, to pull out storage. Even bumping the wall in just a few feet can make a huge difference in the space.  


The landing is another spot that often goes unfinished to its full capacity.  



I adore closet nooks! It's brilliant! If you have a closet just collecting junk...Repurpose it!  



So many people have started creating easy to build structures in their back yard! I love this idea and it creates not only a relaxing spot to get away for a while, but can also be a wonderful place to entertain!  



Nothing is better than relaxing in your porch as you watch the world go by. Anything from a comfy lounge chair, to a porch swing full of lush pillows or a hammock will do the trick! No matter how small the space...You can create a relaxing escape in no time! 



No matter the space, these little nooks below are fabulous and a great source of inspiration! 



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