Ro-Sham-Beaux Love

I feel like a giddy school girl today.  I just came back from seeing my new office cabinets finally installed and I am so ready to get to work in this beautiful space!

Yes...there is still a TON of work to do in order to get the Lauren M. Creative office/studio to reflect my design style (and my opportunity to finally have a girly office with coral and aqua flowered drapery panels) but I am well on my way to a completed design scheme and a hopeful move in date of January 2014.

My fabric for the new office 

One of the last pieces of the office design puzzle that I have struggled with is the chandelier.  I wanted it to make a statement, I wanted it girly and I wanted it functional and jaw-dropingly beautiful.  Not too much to ask right?  After months of searching and just not "feeling it" with so many gorgeous fixtures, I  was about to just give up and leave the dreaded "cap" on the ceiling until something inspiring came along.

And then I went to market.....

Market was full of amazing lighting companies and some that I have tagged for future projects, however, one company truly stood out to me and that is the fabulous Ro Sham Beaux out of Charleston, South Carolina (how convenient!)

Property of

Ro Sham Baux was found by the amazing Ann Yancy Rogers who is unbelievably creative, full of energy and passion for her business (and adorable and so sweet I might add).  

Property of

With RSB, the sky is the limit.  You can pretty much customize any lighting fixture and my favorite part of all are the wonderful beads to choose from, which include many colors in resin, natural stone or recycled glass.  

Some of the bead choices on the website 

I was literally taken back by the options, design and quality of the amazing pieces.  Some of my favorite market finds are below!  

Loving this coral lamp!  Named "Big Betty" it makes a Big impact on any surface!

One of the "winners" that made me jump up and down.  LOVED the design of the "Frankie"

I'm a sucker for red and gold and love the shape of this "Beatrice" lamp! This is a totally different looking lamp in all gold!  It's amazing the way color can change something so much! 

I'm slightly obsessed with navy and gold right now so of course I loved this beauty.  This is the "Fiona"

I didn't take near as many pictures as it was the end of the day and I was running on empty (phone battery and brain).  However, below are some other lovelies I have been stalking on their website as well. 

Awesome "Ananas" lamp!  I saw it in a few bright colors at market like purple.  

Probably one of my favorites.  The "Malibu" is such a great statement piece.  I'd love to put it in a powder room. 

Love this "Malibu Up" chandelier.  It would look awesome in a color as well!

This "Circle" Side Table is a beauty!