This Little Designer Went to Market

As many of you know, High Point Market is a place where buyers and interior designers go twice a year to get inspired, buy for client's and fill their stores with the latest and greatest new household items.  I like to say that it's the Disney World for interior designers, and that's even an understatement (I don't like rides so this was even better for me!)

The C&D Building at High Point Market...One of many buildings

Throughout my career as an interior designer, I have been to market quite a few times, however, a lot of those times, I was working for another firm who was hired to set up a 10,000sq. ft showroom for market and after a week's worth of 16-18 hour days in the wrong shoes (see below), market was the last thing I wanted to do! 

However, this year, for the very first time, I was at market solely for my design business.  No setting up showrooms and no quick day trips (I have done this one before as well).  I was there for the duration and let me tell was fabulous! 

The first time I went to market working for another firm, I thought it would be best if I brought my four inch heels and dresses as that's what all the designers walking around wear...right?  So. Wrong.  A half a day after, I was at the local department store buying whatever pair of shoes looked and felt the most like slippers.  At that point, function took over form.  

This time, flats in tow and comfy but stylish clothes, I embarked on a wonderful journey and found some great things which I will be sharing with you over the next few blogs.  
At the E.J. Victor Showroom with my friend and fellow designer Brittany Nixon of Brittany Nixon Creative

I'm going to share with you a company that I discovered on this trip that seriously made me gasp at every turn I took in their showroom!  I am a sucker for anything Italian (I married one!) and the company Artitalia Group, is probably my favorite find in a very long time. 

Marco Felicioli Grew up in Rome, Italy and had a passion for custom furniture and architectural products, and when he and his family moved to Arizona, he started the company Artitalia in 1997 and the rest is history!  

Entry to Artitalia Group at High Point Market

His passion speaks through every single piece of furniture, which is truly customizable.  From breathtaking dining tables to fabulous flooring, this company has it all and every piece has a story.  

One of my favorite pieces of furniture in the showroom!  See story below on the history of the wood doors. 

Some of their many finish selections (which are 100% green and to the stricter European Standards)

The picture above, shows Venice.  The large wooden posts are pulled out of the water every so often and this is what they use for the doors of this piece and many other of their pieces.  The tops of the posts are shown to the right of the console.

A new addition to the Artitalia Group this market was their flooring collection.  The pictures I took did not do any justice to all the gasping that was going on in that corner of their showroom, however, I do have to say it was simply fabulous.  Another product where the sky is the limit!  Best part of all? When you order, they will come from Italy to install!  It's well worth that option as I wouldn't want anything messing up these floors! 

My visit to the Artitalia Group Showroom was truly exceptional!  I can't wait to place some of their pieces in future projects.  Be sure to contact me if you are interested in anything (or everything) you see here!