The "Soulmate" Thanksgiving Table

Everybody has a favorite Holiday.  Most people love Christmas and the joy that the Holiday season brings, and others enjoy smaller occasions such as Valentine's Day, Fourth of July or their own Holiday...a Birthday.  Many people think that my favorite Holiday is Christmas.  While the meaning of Christmas and the celebration of Christ's Birthday is of course number one on my list, the actual Christmas Holiday is a close second to my favorite day...Thanksgiving.

I'm not sure if it's the fact that we usually celebrate Thanksgiving with my cousins, who are like my siblings, and the time that we get to spend together catching up, and laughing.  Or, if it's the wonderful preparations in the kitchen and the mayhem it brings while mom is trying to cool her pie without the kids dipping their finger in it (I'm guilty) or my cousin Don going to pick up the oysters for his famous oyster soup, but Thanksgiving gives a feeling of joy and new beginnings as we embark on another great Holiday season. 

All of the grandchildren with my 98 year old Grandmother Rose last Thanksgiving

I love it all and now that I am married and will one day host a Thanksgiving of my own, I have been very intuitive to the entertaining and decor side of it all. Starting with the table....

We are going to fast forward to what I have found to be my "soulmate table".  You know, the kind of table-scape that gives you chills and that moment when you can see yourself hosting that special event on that very table.  Okay...I know that sounds a bit dramatic but to any of you who love to entertain, I bet you know how I feel!

I recently found said table design in the Thanksgiving issue of Southern Living Magazine.  My go-to magazine for recipes, entertaining and design.  This particular issue is amazing!  Don't take my word for it, you have to see for yourself!  And for those who love chocolate and salted caramel, there is an amazing Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie recipe that is to die for!

But it wasn't the recipe's that had me drooling this time. It was the Georgia inspired table setting by Southern Living's Editor at Large,  James Farmer, that had me wiping my mouth and tearing out so many pages, my magazine looks half the size it did when I purchased it!


Photo: Hector Sanchez

Blue is my color and the color that will be flowing through most every room in our new home.  So of course I died over this table!  I adore everything about it starting with the blue urns in the center of the table full of rich florals that add such a pop of color to the center.  


Photo: Hector Sanchez


Photo: Hector Sanchez

I love layering plates.  Especially mix matched plates and if you ever walk into my kitchen, you will know that I love plates so much that I have quite a few different sets.  My favorite set are my Spode Blue Italian Plates.  I adore them and get excited every time I use them!  You know that you have the right plates when you never tire of them.  

So it's only fitting that I also adore the Spode Woodlands line and put the turkey dishes on the top of my Christmas list this year!  The idea of layering the plates to create a like table such as the one above excites me to no end! (yet again...I get really dramatic and excited about plates!) 

For those of you who don't want to purchase an extra set of dinner plates, or think the Spode may be a little too old fashioned for your taste, I also found a great salad plate from

William's Sonoma

, that would give the same effect and be more cost effective as well. 


I love a great monogrammed napkin and a fabulous company named


has some of the most amazing monogrammed linens I have ever seen (More to come on this company in a future blog). 

I also loved the idea James gave of having leftover boxes to give to your guests.  There is nothing like the feeling of letting go of one of your favorite pieces of Tupperware in hopes that it will return to you and not get lost in the black hole of someone else's Tupperware drawer.  These cute leftover boxes below are a fabulous idea and something that your guests will love to take home with them! 

I found the cutest free printable labels and boxes for sale over at

The Tomkat Studio

 which is one of my new favorite websites! I adore Kim Stoegbauer and applaud her amazing and crafty ideas!  

And if the great photos haven't inspired you enough, jump over to the Southern Living and check out the


of James' table and his source of inspiration.  

Do you have a "Soulmate" table design for entertaining?  I would love to see your favorite ideas and designs as well!

Gobble Gobble!