Unique Wallpaper Applications: Taking Baby Steps into the World of Wallpaper

Wallpaper has had a bad rap for quite some time.  So many people associate the word


to personal memories of the days when tiny flowers wrapped their walls with maybe even a lovely border of kittens playing with a ball of yarn (because what was wallpaper without the border!)

So any time I mention the word Wallpaper to a client, they either get excited because they have seen what has been out there lately, or they cringe...thinking of the past (they really cringe if they have had to remove said wallpaper before). 

Harlequin Wallpaper (London), Pattern Name: Passion 

However, times have changed and so have wallpaper patterns...and backings, along with new tips for removing wallpaper so that you aren't scraping it for years to come (thank you pinterest!).  But how do I convert someone who has sworn off wallpaper for good due to a serious bout of Post dramatic stress disorder from the 90s?  I show them some fun ways to take it in smaller doses and that is exactly what I am going to do today. 

You don't have to paper an entire room to get the bold look of patten that so many desire.  Actually, the smaller the area, sometimes the greater the effect. Below are some of my favorite tips to ease into the scary territory of wallpaper....

Wallpaper applied on the back of a cabinet makes a huge impact on such a small space.  It draws your eye to a totally different place on the furniture and also can be a great way to give an old piece life!

Better Homes and Gardens

The Entry Hall is the first thing your guests will see when they walk in the house and is often an afterthought when it comes to design.  A beautiful wallpaper application will immediately brighten the space and create a memorable first impression. 

The pantry is often dark and cold space that is easy to clutter up (guilty!) but making it a fun place to visit will not only be a great talking point for visitors, but also give you that extra push to clean it out more often! Wallpaper is an easy approach.  I also love the painted shelves on this picture below. 

The dreaded laundry room...a place where no one wants to go or better yet spend half of their weekend doing endless amounts of folding.  But wouldn't it be a little more pleasant if it was a fun place to retreat?  Making a laundry room more "spa like" with soft colors and fun wallpaper will immediately create a more relaxing space.  I can't guarantee you'll love to do laundry...but at least your room will brighten up the task a bit!

Wallpapering an entire room can give you that "too much of a good thing" look.  However, by applying wallpaper or fabric to the insides of a paneled wall, you get a very fun yet sophisticated look.  

Room Design by Tobi Fairley 

I love this room, and what really sparks my interest is the wallpapered backing of the cabinets.  It really adds so much depth and creates a beautiful and fun focal point. 


And if pattern isn't your thing when it comes to walls…then you can always add texture by using a neutral grass cloth wallpaper. This is one of my favorite design techniques and is a beautiful way to create dimension on your walls without the fear of tiring of a pattern too soon. 

Photo by Better Homes and Gardens

Whatever your style of application may be, incorporating wallpaper into any space can add a huge impact to the design of the room and take a simple look into something truly breathtaking and memorable.