Spring has Sprung! Colorful rooms to brighten your day!

It's finally here.  I mean...


here...Spring has arrived in Charleston and it's evident every time I step outside and smell the sweet flowers, hear the birds chirping, and then take a deep breath and...

A Choo!


I can literally tell Spring has arrived and I welcome it with open arms, even the pollen, after the hard winter that was had by all.

Spring is a time when many people start thinking about sprucing up their homes and I have been perusing some of my favorite sources to find some inspiration of what I'm loving this Spring.

Vibrant colors are huge right now.  Not only was High Point Market full of color this Spring, but I also noticed during my last trip to Milan, that many of the windows of the high end fashion lines were bright as can be.  Color is in...and I think we will see this for quite some time.

Chanel Spring 2014 is full of color! 

The best thing about color, is that you don't have to go big with it if you are afraid of going overboard.  I always advise my clients to go neutral with the big pieces and add in color through accessories, pillows and even drapery.  This gives them piece of mind knowing that it they can change these small things at any time to create a totally different look and not break the bank.

Below are some of my favorite colorful rooms that I hope give you some inspiration.  Enjoy!

I adore this room.  Everything about it.  I love the inside of the paneling that looks like a faux quartz.  

Another angle of the awesome room.  The pop of green is a fun touch.  

Sometimes the color yellow can be hard to use when creating a traditional space.  However, I love this application of yellow in this bedroom.  

The art!  

Black, White and Green are one of my favorite combinations.  I adore these simple drapes on the beautiful bright green wall.  

Most of the elements in this room are neutral, however, by just adding some bright pillows, floral and art, it truly comes to life! 

I love love love the look of this room!  This little pop of color makes a huge impact in an otherwise very neutral room.  

Have a colorful day!