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Charleston Symphony Designer House Before and After

This Spring, I was asked to design a room for the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League Designer Showcase Home.  This beautiful home in the heart of historic downtown Charleston, is located at 50 Hasell Street and has a stunning facade, the traditional piazzas on the side of the house and a little garden out back that will seriously take your breath away. I had such a great time watching it go from an old and deserted structure into a beautiful historic home that will host many memories to come!

Upon arriving at the home for the first time, I was taken into my room, an upstairs bathroom, and was greeted by a very old and tired space, full or broken tile, worn down grout, rusted plumbing and in serious need of some TLC. Because we only had a few weeks to complete our rooms, I knew there was no time to waste and I immediately got to work! 



I first decided on my design concept for the room.  Because it was a small room, and the home would later be used for a wedding venue, I wanted to create a space that would not only make a large impact, but have a historic and feminine touch. 

The exterior of the home was to be painted a beautiful historic color with a blend and pink and peach. The color reminded me of the stunning Charleston sunsets and was all the inspiration I needed to design the bathroom. My wallpaper was the first thing I selected, which was a beautiful Anna French paper full of lush flowers, birds and a peach background.

This little bathroom created a host of challenges but none that I couldnโ€™t handle.  The first and most important challenge was of course the flooring and tile. Because it was an old home, and the tile was set directly on the wall, removing said tile would have also taken off most of the plaster resulting in us having to ultimately take this baby down to the studs, which we didnโ€™t have time for. However, a miracle arrive, (literally) when I found the group at Miracle Method of Charleston, a company that restores old tile and tubs making them look better than new! They were so amazing to work with and with our tight schedule. Because the tile was almond at the time, I decided to go with a bright white for the floors and walls in order to brighten up the space. It took about two days for Miracle Method to complete the tile, and it turned out amazing! 

The sink chest was also one of my favorite things about the room and something anyone can do.  I selected a very simple white sink chest sourced from our friends at Lowes of Mount Pleasant. The chest came in a very plain white (still very pretty) with stainless hardware. I replaced the hardware with crystal knobs, and had my faux finisher, Crystal Eadie Miller or NewLook finishes come in and create a beautiful finish on the chest. A Kohler Bancroft faucet  in a stunning Vibrant polished nickel finished out the sink. It turned out great! 

As soon as I walked into my bathroom for the first time, I knew it needed a statement piece to really create that "wow" effect.  What instantly came to mind is what I have to say is my favorite light fixture of all time, the "Fiona" by Ro Sham Beaux.  When this chandelier was installed, it was like a piece of jewelry that was desperately missing from a ball gown!  

The shower curtain was also a bit of a challenge because there was nothing to support the L-Shaped Valance and Curtain. My drapery maker and I put our heads together and came up with the perfect solution which involved the making of a corner bracket, which held the structure together.  It was sturdy and a great way to get the look of the curtain floating instead of suspending from the ceiling with ugly rods or ropes. 

I completed the bathroom with a hand made Oriental rug from my friends at Pacific Rugs in Atlanta.  It softened the space immediately and really tied everything together! 

It truly was an honor being a part of such a wonderful event and organization.  I could NOT have done anything at all though without all of the vendors (sourced below) who helped to make it happen.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Also thank you so much Patrick Brickman for taking these beautiful photos! 


 photo 52480222-eb01-4d10-b5e9-8d91a456ae51_zpsa24294ff.png

Thank you to the following people who helped to make it happen! 

Miracle Method of Charleston

1st Class Painting and Restoration

John Kolodka Painting and Wallpapering

New Look Finishes

Ro Sham Beaux 

Kathy Shields of KS Designs 

Pacific Rugs - Atlanta

Lowe's of Mt. Pleasant

Patrick Brickman Photography 


The Bar Cart Craze

Entertaining is in my blood.  I love hosting dinner parties, football parties and especially out of town guests.  Lucky for me that The Boy is an insane cook and also makes a mean cocktail.  It makes entertaining so much easier now having such a great partner!

We will be moving into our dream home in just a few short weeks, and I have been scouring the internet for what I think is essential for any hostess...a bar cart.  

Photo courtesy of  The Lifestyled Blog 

Photo courtesy of The Lifestyled Blog 

The bar cart dates back to the 1940's when prohibition was over and entertaining at home was a large part of every weekend.  Hostesses would stock said carts with an array of spirits, carting it throughout the house making cocktails easily accessible while still carrying on that conversation with guests.  

Fast forward a decade or two and the bar cart slowly disappeared due to the popularity of the built-in home wet bar in the 1970's which continued well through the present day, especially pre-recession where bigger was better when it came to square footage.  However, as we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off after what I would say was a long strange trip of change and evolution in the building and design industry, the iconic bar cart has made it's way back into our homes once again. 

I could speculate why we are seeing more and more of the cart all day, but I will say that I am seeing homes being built a little smaller with multi-purpose rooms throughout a home.  Maybe this is why things such as the bar cart are becoming popular again, but whatever the cause...I'm happy to have it back and hopefully soon tucked away in our new dining room.  


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Lauren M. Creative Blog - Bar Cart Craze
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