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Lindsey Calla's New Orleans Home

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of designing a space for the lovely Lindsey Calla.  For those of you who donโ€™t know who she is, Lindsey is a style expert, television host and fitness blogger. Her blog Calla in Motion is a source of inspiration for anyone who is wanting to find balance in their lives through fitness.  It's a beautiful site filled with stunning photos of Lindsey throughout the world offering tips for beauty, fashion,  health/wellness and fitness.  Her story is inspiring and I swear we have so much in common that if we didn't live in different cities...we would totally be BFF's! 

Photo from Calla in Motion website

Photo from Calla in Motion website

This opportunity of designing her living room actually fell into my lap at the beginning of the year when I was invited to work with the amazing Laurel and Wolf .  

I love designing for my clients in Charleston, and adore everything about local walk throughs, one-on-one connections and supporting our local businesses.  However, my online business of designing for clients out of the state was getting larger yet I felt I didnโ€™t have a sound process or platform to continue to offer this service.  Enter the fabulous Laurel and Wolf who carefully selects some of the top interior designers in the nation to be subcontract designers for their website. These designers then get to compete in and work for clients all over the United States. The concept is easy...Nail down your design style from a series of photos, plug in your information about your project (type, size, photos, budget) and then sit back and relax while we submit initial style boards for you to select. The winning board is your designer and then we have about a week to hone in on all of the pieces needed to fit your space! At the end of the project, you get a detailed shopping list, install directions and Laurel and Wolf will even order every piece for you so you don't have to go to each website plugging in your information. 

 It is a fabulous idea and one that I feel will take off even more in the coming years.  L&W promotes my business and personal brand through my own page on their site, and gives me a sound platform to be able to design spaces for clients all over the United States.  I was honored to be selected as one of their designers and since then, I have designed spaces from LA, to Arizona, New York, Texas and New Orleans.  By meeting these clients needs and broadening my spectrum for different styles and locations, I feel it has only made me a better designer for my local clients in the South. 

So back to my room for Miss Calla...  After submitting my style board to Lindsey, she selected me to be her designer and we got to work!  Below is my initial design board.  It's always fun to see how the project evolves after really honing in on the client's needs, wants and personal styles. We kept a lot of her key pieces on the board and were able to incorporate some of her existing ones as well.  The great thing too is that she can keep this board and reference it at any time (example...she really wanted these rounded chairs but we decided to wait and possibly get later on down the road to make sure they didn't over power the space.) 

ย   Initial Design Board


Initial Design Board

 Lindsey wanted a comfortable โ€œBoho chicโ€ look that blended with her beautiful old New Orleans home.  I accomplished this look by using a mixture of new and old styles with light base colors, elements of โ€œbohoโ€ through fun textures, and large scale items. The result was a fun, and slightly whimsy look that paired well with the classic bones of the home.  

Photo from Laurel and Wolf

Photo from Laurel and Wolf

I adored this project for many reasons, however, I loved that it was in New Orleans, where I am originally from, and also that it was a design style that I typically wouldn't get to do!  Below is a video after the install, of Lindsey talking about her experience with working with me and Laurel and Wolf. 

But wait!  There's more! One King's Lane recently wrote about Lindsey's project and it is currently on their website so you can view more of the home!  It was such an honor being a part of her Living Room design and I am thrilled that she loves the final look. 

This was a wonderful opportunity and one that I am so thankful for.  My friends over at Laurel and Wolf are truly amazing and afford me the opportunity to design some incredible spaces! Whether you are in the Low Country, or across the U.S, I now have the ability to design your space through this fabulous website. Contact me if you would like more information on how to get started or you can click here and get started with me right away with your design style quiz. 



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