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Introducing: Lauren Messina Interior Design!

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." ~William Shakespeare

Oh... but a name can mean so very much (and look how it turned out for Romeo and Juliet...Star-crossed lovers who could never be together all because of a name!) Names are important and while they don't define who we are, they can tell a beautiful story if we let them. 

Lauren M. Creative, the name I gave my business many years ago, has served me well. It has been a business that has served many clients and at one time brides well too! However, just as change, and learn through experiences, my business has too. I have had the pleasure of designing some amazing homes recently and it has opened up a world of opportunity for me to be able to build my brand. This has made me take a step back and a hard look at my business name and I have come to realize that I want my name, Lauren Messina, to be a part of this brand. 

Anyone who has their full name in their business can probably agree when I say that this puts a little more pressure on a business owner when it's your name on everything you do. However, I am up for the challenge and now is the time to take that leap and continue moving forward. 

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you my new name, Lauren Messina Interior Design. 

I am absolutely thrilled at where this is going to lead my interior design business and I can't wait to share with you some exciting collaborations, and plans in the works! 

LMID is growing, and with that, you will not only see a new look, but a lot more social media interaction, blog posts and a new emphasis on entertaining and travel (as well as a main focus on design of course). 

I want to thank all of my friends, family and clients who support me every day. I am so grateful! I love the projects that I am designing right now and my clients are amazing! They are the reason I want to continue to grow and expand! Feel free to peruse my updated website and don't forget to subscribe to my blog posts where you will be the first to hear of all that is going on with Lauren Messina Interior Design! 







My Love for Maison Ladurée and Creating Your Own French Tea House at Home

It's a well known fact, that when faced with the question of what my favorite dessert item is, I will always say the French Macaroon.  

For many years however, I would have answered this question quite differently and most likely would have told you it was some recent pastry or cookie I had eaten.  However, this was because of the following reasons:

1.  I wasn't intollerant to gluten at the time...

2.  I had never been to Ladurée...

My first experience with a French Macaroon was probably the best way any person could experience a macaroon for his or her first time.  It was at the Ladurée in Paris on the Champs élysées and it was there that the boy took me to have tea and desserts.  If I wasn't already sure at the time that he was the one...I knew after that experience, that this man knew a very quick way to my heart and it was through my newfound love of the French Teahouse.  

Ever since then, I have been so inspired by the original design of the Ladurée in Paris, so much, that I planned my wedding around those lovely colors from the beautiful sorbet colored flowers, to the purple uplighting that mirrored the lighting in the back room of flagship Laduréin Paris.  We even served macaroons and tea/coffee in vintage tea cups along with our wedding cake.  

Every Laduréhas their own design flair, but the common denominator is the fresh feel, opulent lighting and beautiful macaroons and pastries. My favorite however, is the Laduréon the Champs Elysées  and of course my favorite room is this one below.  So let's just have a moment of silence while we observe and catch our breaths.  

While traveling the world and going to each famous tea house sounds wonderful,  it's just not easy to do so...especially when you want to feel the "pretty" each and every day.  However, the next best thing is creating a space that evokes the feel of the most famous Tea House in the world. Below are some tips to create a space fit for Marie Antoinette.  

Add a Bit of Sparkle....

Okay, so a crystal chandelier may not work in every space but I love putting chandeliers in spaces unexpected such as powder bathrooms, tubs or closets.  If there is a space where you know you are going to be relaxing, then that touch of sparkle will add the feminine feel of a tea house.  

I also love to add small touches like crystal door knobs or hardware to a cabinet or door.  Even by adding that small touch, it immediately creates a softer and beautiful feel.  Master bedrooms and bathrooms along with dining rooms are my favorite places to do this!

Add a Touch of Gold....


Some may say that gold is making a comeback when it comes to hardware and plumbing fixtures.  However, if you ask was never really out of style.  When it comes to creating a timeless feel as many a tea house design does, then a little bit of gold goes a very long way.   One tip I always tell my clients is to never fear mixing metals.  Using all one metal such as gold, silver or oil rubbed bronze makes for a very dull space and even by adding a bit more variation, you immediately create interest in the room.  A beautiful gold mirror, small gold cocktail table or even a stunning gold wallpaper in a powder room, helps to create a beautiful feel that instantly transforms a space.  

Have Fresh Flowers in Your Home....

This task my seem daunting, but worth it because you are worth it.  Beautiful flowers aren't just for special occasions and unfortunately, many people don't think to do this small thing that makes such a big difference.  Of course, if we are wanting to go with that feminine feel of the Tea House, then I suggest a beautiful pink english garden rose, or tulip.  By adding a small touch of pink to your dining table, side table, bathroom or even bedside table, you can't help but smile.  Give yourself the gift of fresh flowers every week and you will notice a sudden change in the dynamic of the space.  If you have a green thumb, then plant your heart away so you will always have fresh flowers nearby.  If you can't even keep a cactus alive, (guilty) then invest in faux flowers.  There are a few lovely companies out there who make flowers that are so hard to tell they aren't real, you won't believe it!  My favorite is NDI.  I especially love their tulips! 

Use Your China...

The beautiful china you got on your wedding day is doing absolutely no good collecting dust in your buffet.  I remember watching Oprah one day, and she said that every afternoon, she has a cup of tea and a healthy snack on a beautiful piece of china.  It helps to create a beautiful afternoon ritual that you will look forward to.  I am very guilty of standing in the kitchen pantry eating a piece of chocolate out of the package or drinking my afternoon coffee in the same cup from that morning.  But with just a tiny touch of effort, you can create a truly wonderful experience!  

Use Fabric Everywhere You Can....

Of course, without going overboard.  However, fabric is one of my favorite ways to create a romantic and inviting space.  I have many clients who ask me if drapery panels are really necessary in their space if they aren't even going to use them or if they already have shutters.  My answer is almost always yes.  Draperies frame a window, and really complete the look of a room.  They can help tie in elements of the room that didn't make since before.  They are a lovely way to create a room where you can see yourself cuddling up by the fire and reading a good book with a nice cup of tea (on your good china of course!)


 photo 52480222-eb01-4d10-b5e9-8d91a456ae51_zpsa24294ff.png