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The Bar Cart Craze

Entertaining is in my blood.  I love hosting dinner parties, football parties and especially out of town guests.  Lucky for me that The Boy is an insane cook and also makes a mean cocktail.  It makes entertaining so much easier now having such a great partner!

We will be moving into our dream home in just a few short weeks, and I have been scouring the internet for what I think is essential for any hostess...a bar cart.  

Photo courtesy of  The Lifestyled Blog 

Photo courtesy of The Lifestyled Blog 

The bar cart dates back to the 1940's when prohibition was over and entertaining at home was a large part of every weekend.  Hostesses would stock said carts with an array of spirits, carting it throughout the house making cocktails easily accessible while still carrying on that conversation with guests.  

Fast forward a decade or two and the bar cart slowly disappeared due to the popularity of the built-in home wet bar in the 1970's which continued well through the present day, especially pre-recession where bigger was better when it came to square footage.  However, as we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off after what I would say was a long strange trip of change and evolution in the building and design industry, the iconic bar cart has made it's way back into our homes once again. 

I could speculate why we are seeing more and more of the cart all day, but I will say that I am seeing homes being built a little smaller with multi-purpose rooms throughout a home.  Maybe this is why things such as the bar cart are becoming popular again, but whatever the cause...I'm happy to have it back and hopefully soon tucked away in our new dining room.  


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Get the Look: Ocean Blue Sitting Room

Hello LMC readers and Happy Monday!  It is officially Summer and if you are living anywhere near Charleston, you already felt that good old Summer heat the moment you stepped outside this morning!  The heat is insane but we are so lucky to be just a few miles away from a beautiful blue beach! 

Aqua decor reminds me of the water, and instantly cools me and calms me. It was only nine months ago that the boy and I spent two wonderful weeks in Fiji for our honeymoon and those crystal clear waters are in my mind every time I close my eyes.

{Last year in Fiji}

{Last year in Fiji}

I got inspired to design a little aqua/blue sitting area that I can see nestled in a nook or in a small living room.  I put a beautiful traditional rug on the floor and picked furniture with a slightly modern touch for a fun contrast!  I hope it calms and cools you as much as it does me on this hot Monday Morning!   

Get the Look aqua inspiration


Let's Go Shopping!

Sofa //  Chest  //  Rug  //  Pictures  //  Table  //  Lamps 



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